Monday, September 6, 2010

Oktoberfest and Fall Festival!

Oktoberfest is being held this year! I went last year with my mom and step-dad, I plan to do it again. It's pretty simple and fun, the food is good too. It's this Thursday, and I definitely cannot wait. I always loved little fairs and the such.Every year, we have this thing called the Fall Festival, too. Pictures below. It's pretty fun, I've been going since I was a small kid. Too bad I plan on moving a state away for college. There's all sorts of rides, I regret missing it last year, but in between school and the such, I never really had time. It's a good, friendly festival though.

I don't own the pictures. I wasn't able to find anything for Oktoberfest, but it's so small, that can be expected.

First blog, yaaay.

I've been urged to get one, and finally I have. I: I always thought blogs were silly things for old people. I still think that. My dad has a blog, and a twitter, and now he thinks that he's some sort of sensation around the globe.
"I have 10 followers! See? People must really like me." He pales in comparison  to celebrities and the president, though. It gets twice as hard to get him up in the morning, too. It used to only take ten minutes, now it can take up to three hours just for him to sit up. Honestly..
But I'm getting off track. This blog will be about anything and everything, from computers, to school, to politics. Anything I feel like ranting and raving about. So, simply enjoy.